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Good things Album

If you want to soak your mind with gospel-inspired, throwback R&B musical style, you definitely should pay attention to Leon’s Bridges latest music pieces. ‘Good things’ is his second studio work which exceptional 28–years old R&B and soul singer delivered on May 4, 2018, through Columbia Records. It is full-length follow up of 2015’ his debut LP ‘Coming Home’. As usual, Leon Bridges will tour in 2018 to promote his recent work to the fans live. 

Leon Bridges is extremely eager to showcase the blues sixties atmosphere and general retro style combined with modern elegance and craftsmanship in his creatures. 'Good things' successfully develops these characteristics and reveals the singer from the same reverse, but more deeply. 

The first two songs ‘Bet Ain't Worth the Hand’ with fascinating harps and glockenspiel elements and fused tuned bell-shaped bottom groove ‘Bad Bad News’ properly direct listener to the emergence of the desired mood. Going further you can trace other manifestations, 'Forgive You' and 'Lions' are mainly funk tracks with a faint tinge of jazz, enlivened by call and response.

Such songs, as 'Beyond', 'Mrs.' and 'Georgia to Texas' successfully continues general contemporary arrangement of the music of the past: the sensual acoustic ballads, blues sketches, and meaningful souls sound are definitely out of the current time. However, reality also falls into the focus of Leon's creative talent, which convincingly proves in ‘You Don't Know’. Such aspects of the new musical work may seem strange and incomprehensible at first glance, but on the contrary, such a connection with the present adds even more positive points to the album.

In general, Leon Bridges new album ‘Good things’ is a magnificent soundtrack for your heartfelt meetings with fragrant coffee, deep reflections on ordinary life situations, or nostalgia for the notes of the 60's. In the end, it may be a bit different for you, but definitely worth paying attention. 

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