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Mr. Bridges recently presented two new singles "Bet Is not Worth The Hand" and "Bad Bad News". This is the first breath of fresh air in the genre Golden Era gospel in recent years and a new round in the musical career of Leon.

These are beautiful ballads about painful partings with a loved one, the soulful response of which is associated with The Temptations.

These are rhythmic dance parties and incredible bass lines telling the story of a guy who continues the Good Case from Bad Bad News without giving up on the road to triumph.

The young and talented Leon Bridges is best known for the thorough and contemporary arrangement of the music of the past: his sensual acoustic ballads, blues sketches and soulful souls sound outside the current time. However, reality also falls into the focus of Leon's creative talent, which convincingly proves a new clip for the composition of River: the basis for visual accompaniment of this measured and piercing song was the recent riots in Baltimore, which began after the death of a black American Freddie Gray.

"Historically, the image of the river has always been used in gospel music as a symbol of change and redemption," the young artist writes in his letter. "My goal was to write a song about my own spiritual experience. The river was written at the time when I was experiencing a severe depression, and I still remember how I was sitting in the garage and fingering the guitar strings, trying to write a song that could reflect my experiences. Then I worked on several jobs to support myself and my mother. I still had less faith, and the road ahead was foggy. The only thing that I could catch in the abyss of all this was my faith in God - and my only way to Baptism was along the river. "